Undergraduate Living-Learning Programs


BioFIRE (First-year Innovation and Research Experience) Program

BioFIRE students have the opportunity to engage in scientific discovery during their earliest semesters. The program is distinguished by a three-course sequence that immerses students in a collaborative research experience that contributes to a faculty member’s ongoing scientific research. In their fourth semester, BioFIRE students can continue in the BioFIRE research program as a peer mentor to first-year students or apply their research skills as an apprentice in a faculty research laboratory. The program is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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Integrated Life Sciences Honors Program (ILS)

Integrated Life Sciences is a living-learning program that engages and inspires students in the Honors College interested in all aspects of biological research and biomedicine and prepares students for success in graduate, medical, dental or other professional school. 

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Life Sciences Program in College Park Scholars

Scholars students with an interest in the biological sciences, medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, psychology, chemistry, horticulture, and animal sciences, are invited to merge their classroom experiences with outside-the-classroom opportunities in this two-year program. The program introduces students to current scientific issues and helps students explore their academic interests.