the Biological Sciences at the university of maryland involve the education and research efforts of multiple departments in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences:

  • Department of Biology: Solves the challenges confronting modern biology by the integrated study of biomolecules, cells, organisms, populations, and communities, within the context of how these entities interact with the natural environment. 
  • Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics: Generates and disseminates knowledge on molecular mechanisms underlying the functioning of cells, which are the fundamental units of life.
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Blends chemistry and biochemistry with cross-cutting research programs in energy and the environment, biomaterials and nanobiotechnology, advanced materials and quantitative science.
  • Department of Entomology: Focuses on insects and their relatives, with research interests that span a diversity of sub-disciplines, including ecology, aquatic biology, molecular and developmental biology, genetics, biological control of insects and weeds, systematics, evolutionary biology, integrated pest management, toxicology, and insect pathology.

The biological sciences include over 2,000 undergraduate students, 240 graduate students, 90 faculty members and 50 staff members.



Interim Dean: Gerald Wilkinson, 301.405.2316
Undergraduate Education: Robert Infantino, 301.405.6892,
Graduate Education and Research: Wolfgang Losert, 301.405.2327,